Program Management

At Knestrick, we provide a full range of services designed to manage your capital program needs from planning and design, through construction and occupancy, anywhere in the country. You can purchase our services separately or as a complete program, for individual projects or for multiple projects. We are committed to working responsively with your management team, providing resources and specific expertise to complement their strengths. Functioning as an integral part of your organization and corporate culture, we serve as in-house experts to help you accomplish you specific objectives.


Reduced Overhead:
Get the benefits of an in-house construction department without long-term investment of resources.

Cost Savings:
With our special expertise in scheduling and budgeting, our sophisticated value engineering services, and our nationwide efficiencies of scale, we can demonstrate significant cost savings.

Management Support:
Use our expertise to develop, facilitate and implement all phases of your capital program.

Choose our services as needed. Outsource responsibilities from planning through turnkey development.

Timely Response:
Knestrick's comprehensive management process, including on-site inspections and real-time reporting, lets you address problems before they arise minimizing delays and costs.

Superior Quality:
Our years of experience and hands-on involvement during construction assure that quality requirements are met or exceeded.

Improved Communication:
Using integrated software and state-of-the-art technology, we facilitate communication among all parties involved in your construction program.